Centre Director

Lead Educator - Nursery Perfect Start
Julie-Anne Jacotine (Julz)
Centre Director
Diploma in Children’s Services

Working with children has always been my passion. I started as an assistant straight out of school and worked my way to lead educator, and now Director. I love what I do. Being an educator gives you a lifetime of laughter, stories and a heart full of memories. I have worked in Early Childhood for over 20 years and I like to say even though I have been doing this for many years, I learn something new everyday. I am a very passionate about what I do. In my free time I love reading and craft activities and spending time with my own family.

As parents all you want is the best for your children, but the best gift you can give your child is your time. Time to have conversations, play, read and learn about the world around them. Childhood is a precious time where children need time to just be…to maybe watch the clouds go by, admire the beauty in the world as well as imagine, pretend and explore, and be encouraged to practice new skills and above all else to Try. Mistakes are a portal to discovery-James Joyce . Working alongside  our amazing and dedicated team of professional and passionate staff, we will support each and every child’s individual  progress throughout their learning journey through providing an atmosphere that is positive, peaceful, productive and inspiring, where children have the opportunity to be successful, capable and confident learners, when this is achieved it gives children a real love of learning. By nurturing children’s natural curiosity and learning through play opportunities within our service and contributions to the community here at Perfect Start, it really lays a child’s foundation for a  love for learning while providing them with a feeling of belonging to a greater world around them. 

educator junior kindy perfect start
Miss Leia
Lead Educator

Hi my name is Miss Leia. I have my Diploma in children’s Services, I have worked in the child care industry for 19 years. This is an amazingly rewarding job and I absolutely love going to work each day. I love seeing what adventures we will go on. I love watching the wonder and amazement in each of the children’s eyes as they take those wobbly first steps, as they wear undies for a full day without having an accident, finding a caterpillar in the garden or making a mud pie with a new found friend, and when they explore and discover something for the first time. Each new adventure through play brings life skills and the next step in each child’s journey and development. Play is so important for each and every child, it is a way each child can explore, express themselves and to navigate their way through the world. I feel so blessed to be a part of each child’s learning journey and to experience these new discoveries with them.

junior kindy educator perfect start
Miss Bek
Lead Educator
Studying Diploma

Hello! I’m Miss Bek and I have been in the childcare industry for over 5 years and I am currently studying my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. I believe I learn something new every day from this journey I am on through engaging and learning about children’s development. Each day I endeavour to support each and every child as an individual. Through discovery, fun and engagement I am able to foster and support your child to extend on their interest in the world around them.

In my own time I enjoy spending time with my family and gardening.

toddler room lead educator perfect start
Miss Mel
Lead Educator
Studying Diploma

Hi, I am Miss Mel. I have my Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Services and currently studying my Diploma in Children’s Services. I have been working in childcare for almost 10 years first of all starting out as float staff and moving my way up to an assistant educator to now being in my 4th year as a Lead Educator. I have learnt so much in my time working alongside children ranging from babies to kindergarten age. Every child is unique in what they bring into the centre. Each day my goal is to nurture, support and use compassion  to discover the children’s individual interests and expanding on them. Using these interests lays the foundations for the program I offer and ensures the individual development of each child is supported.    

 I love spending quality time with my family doing things we all love to do as a family.

miss sarah - senior kindergarten perfect start birkdale
Miss Sarah
Lead Educator

Hi I’m Miss Sarah, I have my Diploma in Children’s Services and have worked in the Early Childhood Industry for 15 years in all aspects of the job starting as a float and also working as a Director.
My true calling is to educate and support children to develop and enjoy freedom in a play based curriculum where their voices lay the foundation for all aspects of learning.

Supporting children’s wellbeing and holistic development is something that I hold close to my heart and I like to ensure that our program offers opportunities both planned and spontaneous to support this development.
I respect that each child is an individual and enjoy the journey of reciprocal learning as we develop relationships with each child and their families. Creating honest, trusting respectful relationships with both children and families ensures that their journey with us is as beneficial as possible and this is my ultimate goal.

educator toddlers perfect start
Miss Chantelle
Lead Educator
Diploma and Studying Bachelor

Hi, I am Miss Chantelle but all of the children call me Channy, I currently hold my diploma in children’s services, but am also studying my Bachelor in Early childhood. Being an educator has given so much joy watching and helping the children grow and learn in many ways by acknowledging and incorporating  their voice and scaffolding their interests, to ensure fun active learning is approached from many angles and is supported throughout their time at our service.

I have been in the industry for over 10 years now, and believe I learn something new everyday.
I aim to provide a learning environment that is loving, safe, warm, welcoming and inclusive of all cultures, nationalities, abilities and family situations, ensuring all families feel safe, secure and supported, and building reciprocal relationships with my fellow educators, families and the wider community.
In my spare time I like spending time with friends and especially my own family by creating fun, exciting memories, to remember for a lifetime.