Perfect Start is family owned and provides child care centre services for children from 6 weeks to 5 years old at two locations. We have a childcare centre at Birkdale Rd, and a second centre around the corner at Mary St.  Our mission at our Birkdale child care centres is to provide a safe caring space akin to a home environment for children to thrive in and learn. Our focus is on providing a stimulating early learning and child care experience for children in a calm and relaxed atmosphere which promotes their holistic development. We are committed to the families we serve and value and support their dreams for their children. We view our parents as collaborators and partners in the learning journey.


Perfect Start Child Care Centre Services are open from Monday to Friday, from 6.15am to 6.15pm daily.


We offer a wide range of age-appropriate resources in each one of our rooms at Perfect Start. Children are encouraged to explore their natural curiosity and creativity through various toys and media such as blocks, paint, clay, natural materials, interactive white boards, iPads, puppets and much more. Children are engaged through music, movement, dance, role-play, stories, writing, reading and relaxing. Our outdoor environments offer natural play areas incorporating water features, a gardening centre, climbing structures and other amenities for them to run, jump, bounce and play.


Our staff are professional, highly trained and experienced in delivering quality child care centre services for your children. They are passionate about teaching and are respectful and responsive to the children in their care. Our educators are dedicated to nurturing the individuals needs of children while at the same time promoting their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. They are well-aligned with our goal of promoting “Learning Through Play” along with fostering every child’s natural desire to explore, experiment and discover.


Our child care centre services conform to National Quality Standards (NQF) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). This ensures that your child receives quality early education programs through our centres, with suitable educator to child ratios being maintained in every room. At our Birkdale Child Care Centres we follow the 3a Abercadrian approach which has evidence-based teaching and learning strategies aimed at play-based learning that build success for life. The framework supports children’s early learning as well as their transition to school. More details on the EYLF s available from the Department of Education. Perfect Start Birkdale is a certified “Little Scientists House”and incorporates S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology,, Engineering and Math) into our curriculum.


S. O'Connor
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As a childcare worker myself of 7 years when it came to finding the right centre for my son it wasn’t easy. I’d looked at 8 different centres around the Redlands some had good points others I wouldn’t even step foot in. As a parent you just know and have that feeling when something is right and from the second I walked in at Perfect Start I felt at peace and knew my son would be supported and looked after just as much as I do. I immediately felt relaxed and the atmosphere and vibe was amazing. The children were all happy, they were playing with the endless amounts of toys, those who were unsettled were attended to and comforted, the staff were down at the kids level and getting down and dirty with whatever adventure the children wanted to do. At the end of the day my son is happy and thriving and I couldn’t be more happy with Perfect Start. Most importantly I trust them with my most precious bundle of life.
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Perfect Start is more than a daycare for my child; it’s a second home. He not only loves the staff, but respects them and they respect him in return. They have all patiently and lovingly helped him to become more patient with himself, to be more respectful, polite and to be a good friend to others.They are so creative and are always prepared with some new activity for him to try. I couldn’t think of a nicer way for my son to spend his day away from his family.
Von Kat
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This is a thank you, not only to my sons daycare, but to all the childcare workers out there … Thank you for always greeting my son with a smile, and sometimes a cuddle when he doesn’t want to let mummy go.. Thank you for giving him structure, and discipline, even when he pulls that cheeky innocent face. Thank you for giving him all the daily nutrition he needs, and for adjusting with his allergies. Thank you teaching him his abc’s, his 123’s and for singing him his favourite songs when he gets distracted. Thank you for spending that extra one on one time with him, to help him along a little more. Thank you to you all for not only helping my son, but supporting me as a new mum, as a single mum For supporting us both, and cuddling both of us when we shed a tear when it all gets too tough. Thank you for caring and loving us like family I cannot give enough props to my sons daycare, for all the help and nurturing, love and care they’ve given us over the past two years. We love you guys so much, and I appreciate you more than words can say
Simone Attel
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The staff at Perfect Start childcare are wonderful,warm and friendly. I love the fact that there is alot of programs on offer at this centre for the kindergarten classroom such as excursions this year we went to both museum/science centre and SeaWorld. The kids also got to learn Spanish and participate in the chess program aswell as gardening. Meals are provided within the centre. My daughter had so much fun learning about the world around her,diverse cultures,the environment,how to look after,protect both environment and animals, socialise and engage in learning and having fun. I strongly recommend this childcare centre for any family looking for a childcare centre in the Redlands.They are simply amazing
Lachie Hilliard
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I believe this center is an amazing, great, learning, happy, playful environment for all kiddies. The staff are more then wonderful, and also are so supportive. My daughter Lyla loves this daycare she's the type of girl that doesn't normally like playing with others but at this center Perfect Start she has made so many friends and teachers that she talks about all the time, and loves playing with, there never is a day she'll miss. I would recommend this center to all family's and friends. I've never had any problems with my daughter going and she's been attending for over a year and more now. the things Lyla has learnt since she's been going to this center have been so great; she's shown ways to interact with others and, how to be so friendly towards others it's something that she wouldn't have learnt so quick if we hadn't decided to put her into this center.


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