Toddler Care

Our Birkdale Day Care Centres have a toddler care program which is designed to nurture and support your children to express themselves by experimenting with sounds, shapes, patterns, colours and textures. This means learning through songs, pictures, games, interactive toys, blocks, puzzles and more. Children have boundless imagination, curiosity and creativity, and our educators encourage them to explore this innovative dimension of their personality, as well as to help them to understand their emotions and develop empathy with other children. We direct their energy by filling their days with things to explore and playing with friends, within an environment that celebrates their diversity.

An important part of toddler care is development of independence through basic self-help skills such as feeding themselves, use of utensils, washing hands, toilet training, dressing themselves and packing up after play. Our educators at our Birkdale Day Care Centres help them to acquire these skills by supporting and encouraging them. Opportunities are provided everyday for them to practice their fine and gross motor skills through a variety of creative mediums, and playing outdoors. Our beautiful outdoor play area encourages physical skills such as balancing, throwing and kicking balls, running and climbing.

Our toddler rooms have a happy and fun atmosphere which fosters interaction with other children, self-expression and play. Our educators take the time to get to know each child and discover their likes and dislikes. Routine provides structure to the day and helps children feel secure and comfortable

Perfect Start Childcare| Toddlers | Outdoor Play
Perfect Start Childcare, Outdoor Play
Educator singing to children in treehouse |Perfect Start Childcare

Our Toddler Rooms
At Birkdale Day Care

In the Toddlers rooms at Perfect Start Birkdale Day Care Centres you can expect to see a homely, aesthetically pleasing and safe environment for your child. We believe in creating a ‘home away from home’ feel. The educator’s role in our Toddlers Room is to encourage your child in developing trust, and confidence to grow as competent individuals in an emotionally nurturing environment. Building residence and independence. We value the Habits of Heart and these emotional dispositions are embedded in our philosophy.

Through supportive and familiar transition times, children will experience time to explore and gather data through all their sense in both our indoor and outdoor environments where we use our natural playscape as a learning space.

“While our routines are flexible to meet the needs of the children in their learning and exploration through play, generally a day in the Toddler Room will look like this.

We hold value in supporting children cognitive, emotional and social development. We allow time, space and freedom for the children to develop their social and language skills. We allow children to develop at their own pace and our program is a mixture of both child led and initiated and teacher initiated as it is designed in respect to the individual child.

Our environment allows the children the freedom of choice and to access materials and resources independently.  The framework’s vision is for all children to experience play-based learning that is engaged and builds success for life.

Our culture within the Toddler Room invites you, the families and wider community to share knowledge and skills with us. By working together with families, educators can enhance a child’s learning and well being.