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Our early education programs at our Perfect Start Child Care Centres in Birkdale at Mary St and Birkdale Rd, have been developed around the play-based objectives of the Early Years Learning Framework. We recognize that young children have unique qualities and interests, as well as natural curiosity about the world around them. Our engaging age-appropriate programs are designed to foster creativity, imagination and fun, and are aimed at fulfilling each child’s potential. We follow the 3a Abecedarian approach – a proven strategy for successful learning outcomes and emphasise language and conversational reading as part of our enriched caregiving.

Our Curriculum

early education programs perfect start


At Perfect Start, we cherish the uniqueness of every child and focus on the specific interests of children in our early education curriculum. We aim to provide the opportunity for every child at our Birkdale child care centres to enrich their learning experiences by extending their interests through their interactions with peers, educators and their environment. This child-centred and interest based learning is called emergent programming and is a core foundation of our curriculum and ties in with Reggio Emilia principles.

Early education curriculum at Perfect Start


We draw upon the natural desire of children to engage in experiences that interest them. Through play-based learning we motivate them to learn and develop a love of learning. By integrating the individual personality and interests of children in learning in our in our early education curriculum at our child care centres, we empower them to explore and discover. Our educators take on an active supporting role in this process and take pride is sharing these developmental milestones with parents. We integrate early learning STEM activities into our programming to foster inquiry-based play and hands-on learning.

More details on our individual ptograms in rooms can be found here:

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Early education curriculum at Perfect Start


At Perfect Start we strive to provide a safe and harmonious environment for children to learn, grow and play with independence and confidence. While we promote individual learning, we also encourage collaboration so that children can develop good social skills and learn from each other. Our indoor and outdoor environments are shaped and re-shaped continually by our educators with intent and by design to enhance children’s experiences while they investigate, ponder, create, imagine and wonder. Our early education programs at our child care centres are among the best in Redlands Bay.

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Fostering a community within Perfect Start is of the utmost importance to us. We regards our children, parents and educators as an extended family and place great emphasis on developing strong connections between them. This strong partnership is a cornerstone of our philosophy and from the very outset, we make every effort to ensure that children undergo the settling in process with a minimum of disruption. To facilitate this, we have a process in place that allows parents to stay with the child before the start date. We encourage communication at every step in the journey and welcome parent feedback. We have an open-door policy and are available for a chat with parents at any time.

See our Parent Handbook for more details.

Perfect Start Birkdale Childcare Centre


We offer a range of extra-curricular activities at Perfect Start:

  • Kids in the Garden
    Mrs T visits every fortnight and involves each child in the gardening program. Many of the meals we provide include fruit and vegetables sourced from our gardens.
  • Library Visits
    We regularly visit the Birkdale School Library to instill the love for books in each child. Making these regular visits helps the transition to school easier for our Kindergarten children. Many of our children cannot wait to start school and feel very comfortable in the school environment. We also participate in sports carnivals, under 8’s day, and the book week parade at Birkdale State School.
  • Cheeky Monkey Club
    Programs with creative story lines, interactive teaching props, sound effects and music. Themed sessions that engage and educate children, inspire teachers and inform parents.
  • Ginger Sports
    A fun weekly soccer program for young children to foster coordination and teamwork through physical activity.
  • Itty Bitty Stars
    A program to help children learn through music and movement.
  • Super Kidz
    An educational and physical well being program to challenge children in a fun interactive way to both physically and mentally to try new tasks and develop new skills and confidence.
  • Chess Lessons
    Chess lessons are also offered weekly. Among the benefits of learning how to play chess are that it improves the learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability of children.