Perfect Start Day Care Birkdale provides high quality child care for kids. We have an educational practice built upon the interests and uniqueness of each child, and upon guidelines of the Early Years Learning Framework. Our play-based emergent curriculum provides rich opportunities for learning at every level. We follow the 3a Abecedarian approach to learning – a set of evidence based strategies that have been shown to enhance educational outcomes. Our child care centre is also a certified “Little Scientists House” with STEM being a part of our curriculum.

Our priority is to provide a high level of physical care and comfort and a nurturing and safe environment for the children in our care, so that they can grow and develop to their full potential. Our programs make full use of both indoor and outdoor resources and equipment to provide a holistic experience for each child, and a space in which they can explore and discover their personalities and the world around them.

Our centre is open from 6.15 am through to 6.15 pm, Monday to Friday. We are closed on public holidays.

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An Amazing Child Care For Kids

Perfect Start Day Care Birkdale has an awesome natural outdoor playground which the kids absolutely love. We take full advantage of this spectacular space and enjoy meal times outdoors whenever we can, as well as utilising it for play. The playground has a wide range of equipment to support active and exploratory play. This includes swings, slides, climbing frames, monkey bars, open grassy spaces, trees, shrubs and flowers. This beautiful environment encourages children to spend time outdoors. The benefits of outdoor play are many and contribute to improvements in motor skills as well as social skills.

Child Care Places For Kids From 6 Weeks to 6 Years

Perfect Start Day Care Birkdale provides child care for kids from nursery through to kindergarten. Our child care centre has five dedicated rooms to cater for  different age groups. Each room is furnished with age-appropriate resources. Our comfortable and secure spaces create a homely and personal feel for the children. Our staff are all qualified professionals who are passionate about teaching, and most have been at the centre for a long time.

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Our Birkdale Infant Daycare program caters for children from birth to 15 months. It is geared towards providing child care for infants with a high level of physical care and comfort, in an environment which is a home away from home. We know how difficult it is leaving your baby – we take every

Birkdale Toddlers Room

 Our Birkdale Day Care Centre has a toddler care program which is designed to nurture and support your children to express themselves by experimenting with sounds, shapes, patterns, colours and textures. This means learning through songs, pictures, games, interactive toys, blocks, puzzles and more. Children have boundless imagination, curiosity and creativity, and our educators encourage


Our Birkdale Pre-Kindy provides a preschool environment that is welcoming, relaxed, engaging and fun. Pre-Kindy is an age of wonder and delight. It is a time when young children really start to become more independent and self-confident. They begin to learn how to take care of themselves, and develop longer attention spans. They delight in achievement and


Birkdale Kindy Program Our program for children between the ages of 3 and 4 at Birkdale Childcare Centre is second to none. We focus on holistic learning and dispositions based around habits of heart. This means that your child will become confident, and well-rounded.  We provide extra-curricular activities such as creative arts and music, at no additional cost to parents.

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Our Perfect Start Birkdale Kindergarten is Queensland Government Approved. In our Kindergarten Approved Room we pride ourselves on our commitment to kindy care. Our focus is on getting your child school ready while making the most of their precious last year of play based learning. Our room vision is based on the Habits of Heart and we